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Marketing is overwhelming. In today’s world, it means so many things and encompasses so many strategies and activities. It’s no wonder most small businesses can’t figure it out on their own. Let’s face it you’ve got a lot on your plate. You’re running a business and serving your customers. We started Clicking Awesome to help! We want to be your guide and your partner. We you want to share the story about what makes your business awesome while you go out and be awesome!







how it works


If you knew what to do, you’d just do it right?That’s where we come in. We’re consultants first & foremost.

We start by meeting with you to determine your business goals and then we develop a strategy to meet them. Once we have a plan, our team of creatives will go to work!

You pay a flat rate monthly fee, based on the needs of your business, and we solve your problem.  It really is that simple. No quotes, no queue, no work orders. Just help.

why us?


You’ll get executive level strategy and the ability to execute on your vision for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house team or working with a traditional agency.

Plus, you’ll be supporting another small business that cares as much as you do. You’ll get that individual one-on-one support. Our flat rate program means we’re not in it to rack up billable hours, we’re here making dreams come true!

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Nicole and the whole team at Clicking Awesome have just been absolutely great! They have all been very responsive in our communications, intuitive, and extremely capable in all of my dealings with them. I would definitely give two thumbs up for Clicking Awesome!!

– Jeanna C.

One of Nicole’s best traits is that she is creative, proactive, and aggressive in finding solutions to challenges and problems. Her efforts prove invaluable in keeping our team productive.

– Scott S.

Sarah has been a great help with our website needs over the years. She quickly responds and helps us complete our updates and changes efficiently along with offering her expertise and suggestions.

– Sam S.

My company reached out to clicking awesome on a referral basis. With so many web designers out there we did not know as a company on who to look for. After meeting everyone, we knew that we had the right team. Due to the quality website they delivered, our company has seen much web traffic and if we ever need service again we know exactly on who we are going to be using!

– Steven S.

Clicking Awesome is EXACTLY that. They cover so many ends of the marketing spectrum it’s almost impossible to list them all out. They’re kind, attentive, and professional – and have fabulous marketing ideas and strategies. I would (and DO) GLADLY refer this company to anyone looking for marketing-related services.

– Max M.

Nick is an absolute joy to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the social and digital space. Nick is skilled at creating engaging communities on social but also in the workplace. I enjoyed working with Nick and looked forward to our catch-ups. I highly recommend him – any team would be lucky to have him!

– Shauna G.

Sarah is among the hardest-working people I’ve ever known. She will do whatever it takes to get things done, and done right. Sarah is an excellent communicator and works wonders with WordPress, social media, marketing campaigns, content writing, and related fields. You can’t go wrong with Sarah.

– Josh B.

I’ve worked for a couple of Fortune 500 companies and Nick is hands down one of the most talented marketing professionals around. Nick and I worked together on several projects over the course of a year that included company branding, recruiting, onboarding, etc. and it never failed that his quality of work far exceeded my expectations. He’s a team player that truly listens, collaborates, and turns ideas into something tangible.

– Megan R.

Nick Irmo has helped us with some of our most serious issues online. His expertise in digital marketing proves to be one of our biggest assets. We recommend him and his staff at Irmo Marketing.

– Cartridge World North America

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