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Clicking Awesome SEO

There are many factors that play into your SEO plan. Nothing awesome comes from black hat tactics, so we will never recommend or endorse anything that could put your online brand at risk. We take a holistic approach to our SEO efforts and that starts with the copy in your website and landing pages. After we audit the content then we look at keywords, content length, readability, and then internal links. As we correct the simple issues first we then go into a more technical approach.

Keyword Research

Which keywords are you trying to rank for, what is the user’s intent when they search that keyword?

Competitive Analysis

What are your competitors ranking for, and how easy will it be for your website to outrank them?

Link Building

Still a very important and significant aspect of SEO, where can we build links out short and long term?

Web Marketing Analytics

Which pages are working right now and which could use immediate improvement, what about performance?

Clicking Awesome Optimized

Don’t let anyone convince you that SEO isn’t a long term investment in time and money. SEO takes time to achieve the results that you are looking for. Unfortunately, the days of just creating content to fool the search engines are over. You need high quality, original, and unique content to make sure that you are optimized for the bots that crawl the web and the users reading your site. Gaming the search engines is becoming obsolete, but combine our SEO plans with our content marketing and you have a winning combo.

Landing Pages
Slices of Pizza

Driving More Organic Traffic

Strategic content planning and execution requires an awareness of your competitors and how strong you can position high quality, original and unique content. Without content marketing and a link-building plan behind your efforts you could easily spend a ton of money, time and resources and find that you haven’t increased traffic to your website at all.

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PPC can be a very daunting task to setup and manage by yourself. Even with the new tools and guidance blogs and YouTube can give – learning this skill takes time that most business owners can’t commit to. Our rates are very competitive and come with customized landing pages!


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