B2 Funding

Website Redesign

Project Detail

B2 Funding had been using two websites for lead generation for many years. They wanted to consolidate their online assets, give themselves greater control of their messaging, and unify their efforts into one single website. Clicking Awesome was able to deliver a brand new look and feel and package their great content under one roof. 

  • Responsive Website Redesign
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • New Logo Design
  • Content Marketing
ClientB2 Funding
Project DateEarly 2018

Content is King

Not only is a new website redesign supposed to look good, but we took a strong look on the content available and what their potential clients are typing into the ol’ interwebs. Not surprisingly, people who are looking for home loans, are looking up mortgage rates and information about what type of loan would best work for their home purchase or refinance. So we thought it best to start there and see if we could craft content that would best serve the potential client. 

Content shouldn’t stop being written, but in the case of B2 Funding, they are focused on doing more than just regurgitating the same content about home loans. They are going after customer reviews, remarketing efforts, email newsletters, and fostering long lasting relationships with local real estate brokers and agents. 

Mortgage Brokers, Loan Officers, and Agents

If you are looking to improve your site, or increasing your own visibility online, we have helped mortgage experts like yourself find and maximize opportunities online. Through clever page optimization, profile validation, Google My Business, and social media posting we can help with increased visibility and online discovery.

The beauty of having more opportunity online is that it will directly impact your businesses sales. It is hard to imagine doing business without the internet as a tool to research, discover, share and explore – imagine those businesses who still don’t invest themselves into exploring the richness of their online potential. 

New Logo

B2 Funding had a logo that had long been their brand identity, but as computer screens got sharper, their logo didn’t have the same luster and brilliance as before. Just like their website redesign, B2 Funding turned to Clicking Awesome for their logo redesign. We got to work straight away and the results made Alan happy at first glance. It took some of the styling they had previously but gone are the jagged edges and less than clean lines and now they have a clean, modern and easy to read logo for use online, in print and most importantly on their signage.