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From building a list of interested people, to automating your email for eCommerce we can handle it. Email Marketing is one of the least appreciated marketing channels out there… but that isn’t without reason. There are many pitfalls to doing email marketing wrong. Most of the time businesses use email to push more sales in a format that isn’t interesting to the reader. Most of it comes off as spam. That is why content is so important and why when you add quality, unique, and relevant content to your emails all of a sudden it works.

Email Needs Assessment

Before we get started we like to know a little more about what it is that your company does. Are you selling products or services online? Are you a retail shop? Do you already have content that you want to deliver to your audience? Have you started capturing customer information? Do you have a CRM that your sales staff uses? And the list goes on and on. We have a time saving email marketing check list to help determine which platform and budget you will need to run a successful campaign.

Automated Email Marketing

Automation makes email marketing so much better and easier. Yes, in the beginning it is more difficult to set up and implement, but you will be surprised on how well it works afterwards. Having each interaction with your business online and many actions offline, generating

possible responses and follow ups is a fascinating thing to watch in action. If you are interested in learning more – we can set up a webinar or time to go over your options and questionnaire.

A/B Testing

It is important to see what wording and phrases resonates with your audience.

Competitive Analysis

How competitive is your market and are you getting your maximum value through email?

Link Building

Get the word out through email and link back to the content of your website and increase sharing.

Mobile Design

More people are using their phones to read through their emails than before – we design mobile email.

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Email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Let Clicking Awesome set up and manage your email marketing and leave the stress to us. Please connect with us about your email marketing needs. 


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