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The Past, Present and Future of Marketing

Content is King

Marketing can’t happen without being built around high quality, original and relevant content. Successful campaigns address issues that users care about and do it in a branded way. Content marketing is “marketing”. All the tools that marketers push are usually just ways to get your content delivered to more people. If you focus your attention on building out great content, the rest works!

Increasing your sales, saving money on paid advertising / customer acquisition, and boosting the loyalty of your brand is a result of great content marketing – talk to us and we can help you make your content Clicking Awesome!

Why Content Marketing is Critical to your Brand's Success

Content marketing is often misunderstood for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO has more to do with getting Google, or other search engines, to send you more traffic than your competitors. This is sometimes accomplished through back-linking, keywords, structured data, site performance enhancement and other technical optimization techniques. Most of what you do with SEO doesn’t ever get seen by the user / prospect. Although some of these tactics are good to do no matter what, before you start anything you should focus on content.

What is content and why do I need it? Content marketing is simply copy, graphics, photos, and videos that convey a message to a recipient. For the content in content marketing to be successful it should be authentic and have 3 things. Your content, no matter the format, should be valuable, relevant, and consistent. Doing this correctly will enable you to do further activities that will deliver even better results. This also protects you and your brand from search engine algorithmic changes and keeps your brand healthy.

Content Marketing also provides long lasting benefits to your rank, social, brand awareness, and traffic. Think of it this way, if you turn on PPC today but in a couple weeks you determine it isn’t working and you turn it off, when you turn off PPC your ad disappears and you are no better off than you were before. With content marketing, the benefits you get increase over time, and as long as the content is still valuable, relevant, and consistent then your investment will last a long time.

Content effects every channel in your marketing efforts. Social media sharing only works well when the content is shareable. Remember that the purpose of social isn’t to send a message to someone, it is to share that message through someone and connect with their connections. Without great content, your social media efforts won’t have much value. Same goes for PPC, your PPC spend goes down considerable if the content on the page your ad is pointing to has good content on it. Why? Well search engines want to make sure that they send people to where their query is answered – your content should be built to serve the users and their search inquiries on search.

Trending Interest

We like to do our homework about the companies we serve and the industry they are part of. This way we understand the trends and how people search for you. Then we start a content marketing campaign.

Content Calendar

We will put together a calendar of what copy and collatoral will be collected and when we deliver your messaging. This helps tie your content marketing to your social, email, SEO and other activities.

Keyword Research

Ready, Aim, Fire! In that order it is easiest to hit your target. Same thing for content. We need to know what topics and keywords are best for your business and understand their competitiveness.

Call to Action

Even the best content without a strong call to action can be worthless. If we have a great high quality, original message when a user gets to you we want to make sure that we convert.

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